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Electrical installations and electrical services

PBS Bulgaria has a team of engineers and qualified electricians who will help you in your choice of service. Our common goal is through professional advice and approach to reach the best solutions where the price / quality / energy consumption ratio will be optimal.

Even if you just need to install a lighting fixture, boiler or other type of appliance, please do not hesitate to contact us, as the consultation is completely free.

We perform installations of:

Grounding installations - driving galvanized grounding stakes;

Lightning conductor electrical installations

Installations of lightning rods;

Installations of lightning protection network;

Audio and video intercom systems;


Video intercom control panels;

Intercom doorbells;

Intercom apparatus;

Video intercom apparatus;

Electric locks (counters);

Video distributors (amplifiers);

Video camera installations;


Laying corrugated pipes;

Drawing of TV outlets with coaxial wires in mounted and installed pipes;

Drawing of telephone lines with 1 pair PV wire in mounted and installed pipes;

Installations of TV sockets;

Installations of computer telephone sockets, RJ 45, RJ 11;

Drawing of computer outlets with FTP wires in mounted and installed pipes;

Repair works;

Emergency electrical repairs;

Stair lighting - replacement of a stair lifts;

Stair lighting – detection of stuck buttons;

Stair lighting - replacement of wires;

Inspection of intercom installations to apartments;

Repair of audio intercom systems;

Repair of video intercom systems;


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