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Fire alarm systems

Fire alarms are a key element in the process of fire prevention. The current trend in the construction of multi-purpose buildings and buildings with multiple occupants have produced constantly increasing requirements for fire and emergency safety.

PBS Bulgaria has a qualified team that is profession in the design of reliable and high quality fire alarm systems /FAS/. In order to ensure your peace of mind, the choice of a suitable fire alarm system must be consistent with the type of building, as well as its characteristics.

PBS Bulgaria performs the following activities and services in the field of fire alarms:

• Design, delivery, installation and maintenance of your fire alarm systems;

• Organization of fire safety in companies and sites, as per Ordinance № I – 209/22.11.2004, SG, issue 107/;

• Analysis and assessment of the fire condition of sites;

• Consultations on the application of the current operational and construction fire regulations;

• Design of fire protection of structures, buildings and facilities;

• Delivery of fire-fighting equipment, protective clothing, individual means of protection, signs, plates, fire doors, fire and smoke valves, fire-retardant components, etc.;

• Preparation of technical expert fire reports;

• Conduction of fire briefings and training, legal advice on all matters related to fire safety;

• Information services on fire safety issues;

• Development of internal rules in accordance with the current regulations on fire and emergency safety - preparation of evacuation schemes, fire logs for sites;

• Warranty and post-warranty maintenance and servicing of fire alarm systems, under Ordinance I-209.

PBS Bulgaria also offers:

  • Fire alarms of large industrial sites;

  • Fire alarms of hotels;

  • Fire alarms of administrative and office buildings;

  • Fire alarms of medical establishments;

Maintenance and servicing of fire alarm systems:

• Systematic keeping of fire event logs;

• Systematic instructions regarding the work of personnel with the fire alarm system;

• Synchronization of events in the fire event log and the memory of the fire alarm system;

• Analysis of events and cause establishment;

• Regular control measurements;

• Inspection of elements of the fire alarm system according to a pre-prepared work schedule;


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