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Manufacturing and installation of Railings, Stairs

The railing is an architectural element that is mandatory for every building. It is not only an element of the common facade or a beautiful finish of the staircase, but it also has an important role - to protect and secure. Railings are a barrier that provides protection between two levels - high and low. They can be internal - in the building and external - in front of it and depending on where they are installed, there are two main characteristics of the material that are taken into account when making the railing - its strength and resistance to weather conditions.

Railings are placed on balconies, terraces, stairs, they can be decorative, as the types of railings vary depending on the individual taste of the customer and we try to offer our customers variety and functionality in one.

For more information about the services and types of railings offered by PBS Bulgaria, please see the links below or contact us. Our consultations are absolutely free and our representative will visit you on site and prepare an individual offer.

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