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Installation of cables and wires

We are able to professionally build and repair your electrical installations, observing all safety requirements when working with electric current.

Our specialists have the necessary qualifications in the construction and maintenance of both high-current and low-current systems.

We use high-quality specialized fasteners when laying cables, thus avoiding the possibility of cable damage and possible subsequent defects.

For your information, some of the types of cables that our team lays are as follows:

Control and management cables;

Ribbon cables;

Heating cables;

A-V cables;

Installation cables;

Power cables;

Installation wires;

Coaxial cables, speaker cables;

Rubber insulated cables;

High voltage cables;

Heat resistant silicone conductors;

Cables for fire installations;

Non-combustible cables;

FTP type cables;

UTP cables for computer networks;

Signal transmission cables;

Microphone cables;

Shielded cables protecting signals from high frequency interference.


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