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Design of fire alarm systems

Our team has extensive experience in the design, construction, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems /FAS/. The professional design of a fire alarm system requires the following factors to be taken into account:

• type and purpose of the building;

• activities to be practiced there;

• location of the entrances and exits of the building;

• layout of the premises inside the building, etc.

There are two types of FAS - conventional and addressable. The difference is that in addressable systems, each sensor is equipped with an identifier that allows the localization of the fire. These systems are used in large areas or multi-storey buildings. They allow continuous monitoring of the serviceability of the sensors, maintain complete information about the serviceability of the system and archive of events and defects, allow additional installation of new devices. Proper zoning of the building is very important.

Conventional systems are more preferred for installation in small buildings, for example houses. When the sensor is activated, the fire alarm panel shows the area where the problem occurred /usually one floor of a building is one area/, but the exact location is further determined.

Based on its experience, PBS Bulgaria can find an optimal and specific solution for any type of building. Proper design and installation of a fire alarm system is a sure condition for its effective operation in case of fire.

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