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Our knowledge of the market allows us to offer you a variety of options for heating of premises and buildings of different types, regardless of their size and the materials from which they were built. Below we will try to give you as comprehensive information as possible about the types of heating.

Pellet heating

Pellets are considered to be an environmentally clean fuel. They are most often produced from pressed wood extracted from waste material.

Advantages of pellet heating:

• Much easier maintenance than that of conventional solid fuel;

• Higher efficiency of combustion;

• It does not require additional work such as cutting, chopping, stacking, storing;

• Pellets emit many times less soot and residual material after combustion;

• Pellet heating allows the implementation of many options for automation of heating systems, such as control via Wi Fi / Internet.

Disadvantages of pellet heating:

  • Compared to conventional solid fuel heating systems, the pellet installation is much more expensive.

Gas heating

Natural gas is an important energy resource. It is formed during the anaerobic decomposition of organic matter in the bowels of the earth. The use of natural gas for heating is safe for the environment.

        Advantages of natural gas heating:

• It does not require transportation, delivery and storage space compared to pellets and solid fuels;

• It is possible to fully automate the control system.

Disadvantages of natural gas heating:

• Use of natural gas depends on whether our property is in an area where the transmission network is established;

• Gasification equipment for larger homes / properties is more expensive.

Wood-fired heating

Despite the increase in the price of this important material in Bulgaria and the attempts to impose restrictions in the sector, wood-fired heating remains perhaps one of the cheapest to date.

Advantages of wood-fired heating:

  • In terms of price it is the more economical method compared to electricity and gas heating.

  • The funds needed for the initial construction of the wood-fired heating installation are significantly less than those needed for the construction of other types of installations /gas, electric/.

  • Many people prefer this type of heating even if only because of the natural heat and the type of "live" fire.

Disadvantages of wood-fired heating:

  • Need for constant maintenance of the installation;

  • Wood requires transportation and very often the wood reaches us in a form that is not convenient for direct use and it also needs cutting and chopping, as well as a place to be arranged and stored;

  • It contaminates the premises and the air of the premises, as well as that of the environment and creates an unpleasant odor;

  • It is more difficult to maintain heat - regular loading of material is required, and in the hours when it is inconvenient, for example at night the premises cool down and the efficiency actually falls.

Electric heating. Electricity.

This type of heating can be done through a variety of options, as the installations that use electricity for heating are the most diverse. These are air conditioners, convectors, radiators, as well as boilers, radiant and infrared heaters.

Advantages of electric heating:

  • The installations can be used for both heating and cooling;

  • Full control of the temperature in the premise and automation;

  • It does not require any maintenance;

Disadvantages of electric heating:

  • Very high price of electricity in Bulgaria;

  • It is probably most efficient for smaller rooms.

Heat pump heating

Nowadays, heat pumps are considered one of the most efficient methods to heat and cool, as well as to heat domestic water.  According to some manufacturers, heat pumps can reduce electricity consumption by up to 73%.

Advantages of heat pump heating:

  • Very low energy consumption because of high efficiency;

  • Possibility for cooling;

  • Domestic hot water supply;

  • Absolutely environmentally friendly energy;

  • No need for air ducts and chimneys;

  • There is no daily maintenance, as with other types of heating.

Disadvantages of heat pump heating:

  • Installations are quite expensive.

  • The efficiency is influenced by the external temperature conditions. For this purpose, it is combined with another type of energy source.


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